Awareness 3 - 5 hrs

Introduction to the .Stat Suite Open Source Framework

Foundation 11 - 15 hrs

.Stat Suite Foundation course for data platform managers

Practitioner 11 - 15 hrs

Going in production with .Stat Suite

Expert 20 - 40 hrs

Expand your knowledge beyond practitioner level and become an expert in the .Stat Suite - coming soon!

Integrate an external
Identity Provider

Integrating an identity provider with Keycloak

Integrate an external
Search engine

Replacing SolR with a different search engine

Configuring https on your
.Stat Suite environment

Applying SSL across the different .Stat Suite services

Optimising .Stat Suite
search performance

SolR optimisation and advanced configuration

Setting up Google
analytics in the .Stat Suite

Setting up Google analytics on your .Stat Suite production instance


Master 20 - 40 hrs

Watch this space for master level courses coming soon.