How to become an instructor


Have knowledge to share and able to transpose it into well articulated and understandable online content? The SIS-CC ("Community") would welcome contributions from you to bring your knowledge and expertise to the world at large through the .Stat Academy.

Click on the 'Register' tab and complete the form if you are interested in joining our global network of instructors (meet our instructors below).

If you are already a member of the .Stat Academy Community, then please send an email to instead of completing the form.

Once you sign up to become an instructor the .Stat Academy team will contact you to go through the next steps and share more on the content creation process.
As an instructor you are the face of the .Stat Academy, supporting the global community of learners by providing online training and resources to support capacity building in the .Stat Suite and related topics.

In your role as instructor, you will contribute to the creation, maintenance, and delivery of training material through the .Stat Academy. All material you submit must be your own work, or attributed to the originating author. The SIS-CC ("Community") is not responsible for any copyright infringement or intellectual property rights claims.

All course material created and published by instructors is done so on the understanding that the Community can publish and reuse the material free from licence or other restrictions.

All instructors are expected to uphold the Community spirit: friendly, open, and provide encouragement to the learners. This also includes continuing to follow activity of your courses and respond to comments posted by members of the Community.
Before you decide whether or not to become an instructor we encourage you to take an existing course to familiarise yourself with the design of course material. This will also help you see courses from the learners perspective and help you in future course creation.

Once you become an instructor you will be able to create courses through a simple user interface that can be submitted for review before being published on the .Stat Academy.

Consider which category your course falls under, who your target audience is, how to break it into different modules, quizzes, duration, and whether this is part of a set of courses, etc.

Once you have signed up to become an instructor, someone from the team will contact you to share more information on the content creation process.


Meet Our Instructors



Nicolas Briemant

Full Stack Javascript and DevOps expert

Jens Dossé

.Stat Suite Product Manager

Anastassia Samsonova

SDMX & Data Modelling Expert

Gyorgy Gyomai

SDMX, Data Modelling, and Methodology Expert

David Barraclough

SDMX & Data Modelling Expert


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Now available! .Stat Academy FREE course, Introduction to the .Stat Suite Open Source Framework, designed for Data Toolers, including .Stat Platform Managers, Database Managers, IT Infrastructure Managers, Developers and more, looking to get started with the standard-based, open-source .Stat Suite platform.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • the main modules of the .Stat Suite, its high-level architecture, and technical stack,
  • each of the .Stat Suite JavaScript services and their purpose,
  • each of the .Stat Suite .NET Core services and their purpose,
  • the .Stat Suite delivery mechanisms,
  • the different dependencies and versioning practice for .Stat Suite core Services.