Creating and applying mappings for the .Stat Suite

In this course you will learn about creating and applying mappings for the .Stat Suite.

This course is coming soon.



The course, Creating and applying mappings for the .Stat Suite, is designed for Data Producers (Methodology Adviser, Statistical Assistant, Statistician, Data Reporter…) as a way to introduce the knowledge needed for conversion and transformation of different structures and data through SDMX mappings, including in the .Stat Suite context.


After completing the course you will be able to:

  • Understand the main scenarios for using mappings throughout the data lifecycle.
  • Managing mappings to global DSDs.
  • Use of mappings when migrating from legacy systems e.g., .Stat v7 to .Stat Suite.
  • Describe how mappings are managed in SDMX.
  • Use Fusion Metadata Registry (FMR) to manage SDMX mappings between two structures with different dimensionality and/or code list representation.
  • Apply mappings to data files using FMR and upload mapped data files to the .Stat Suite.

In each module you will be asked a few questions to help you remember the contents and reinforce your understanding.


Upon completing this course you will receive a certificate of completion.



Now available! .Stat Academy FREE course, SDMX vocabulary for data managers, is designed for Data Managers (Methodology adviser, Statistical Assistant, Statistician, Data Reporter…) as a way to further extend their understanding of basic SDMX terms for general data related processes.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • Learn how to model reference metadata
  • Understand the SDMX artefacts that formalise the reporting of data and metadata
  • Familiarise with SDMX features for exchanging data and metadata