Nicolas Briemant

Full Stack Javascript and DevOps expert

Jens Dossé

.Stat Suite Product Manager

Anastassia Samsonova

SDMX & Data Modelling Expert

Gyorgy Gyomai

SDMX, Data Modelling, and Methodology Expert

David Barraclough

SDMX & Data Modelling Expert

Now available! .Stat Academy FREE course, Introduction to the .Stat Suite Open Source Framework, designed for Data Toolers, including .Stat Platform Managers, Database Managers, IT Infrastructure Managers, Developers and more, looking to get started with the standard-based, open-source .Stat Suite platform.

In this course, you will learn about:

  • the main modules of the .Stat Suite, its high-level architecture, and technical stack,
  • each of the .Stat Suite JavaScript services and their purpose,
  • each of the .Stat Suite .NET Core services and their purpose,
  • the .Stat Suite delivery mechanisms,
  • the different dependencies and versioning practice for .Stat Suite core Services.